Quinn Says Goodbye - slightly imperfect

Christie Thomas

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Beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written, Quinn Says Goodbye is designed for children dealing with different kinds of loss, whether it be death of a pet or a family member, or simply the loss of a favorite toy. Remind little ones that although people and things might not be in their life forever, God will never leave them.

When Quinn the Owl makes a new friend, a firefly named Blink, she is filled with joy. But one night, Quinn wakes up to find her friend has disappeared in a flash.

"Momma, why didn't God make Blink stay with me? Didn't he know how much I loved him?"

"God doesn't always stop bad things from happening, Quinn. But He does promise that He will always be with you, and He will never stop being your friend."

Saying Goodbye is never easy, but God can make it better.

Written by: Christie Thomas
Illusatrated by: Sydney Hanson

Hardback: 32 pages
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers (6 Aug 2019)
Weight: 363g
Dimensions: 229 x 229 x 10.16mm