The Friend Who Forgives : A true story about how Peter failed and Jesus forgave

Dan DeWitt, Catalina Echeverri

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Do you ever talk before you think? Mess up? Let others down?
That's what Peter did, again and again, and it led him to abandon his best friend, Jesus.
Peter loved Jesus. He felt terrible when he pretended not to know him. He thought all was lost when Jesus died.
But after Jesus rose from the dead, he went and found Peter and forgave him. He explained that his death took the punishment for all of Peter's mistakes and that his resurrection showed that the penalty was lifted.
Peter spent the rest of his life telling people that if they put their trust in Jesus, they could be forgiven too - again and again.
Children know all about failing, but they don't always experience true forgiveness.

This book points them to Jesus, the friend who will forgive them again and again and again.

Written by Dan DeWitt
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