Our Story

With Christian bookstores in Singapore becoming fewer and less accessible, most parents find it hard to get good Christian books for their young kids. Tiny Seeds Bookshop sells curated books that will help your children to know God more, and deliver them right to you. You will be able to purposefully help your little ones know and love God, and nurture a faith that lasts.

Hello there! I'm Jeannie. I love reading to my 3 kids and it’s usually my favourite way of ending the day with them. When I read to my little baby, I enjoy watching him look at the vivid pictures on the books, and let him touch (or smack) the characters he sees, making his cute gurgles. My 3 year old loves animals these days, and no matter the story, he is sure to follow the ones with animals the best, imitating their sounds or asking questions about what happens to them. My 5 year old wants me to read longer stories in picture books, and I’m most glad that we can talk about them after that now that she’s older.

But for all my kids, the best thing about reading to them is being able to connect with them, no matter their age. They each get to sit on my lap with their choice of book, and I get to randomly plant kisses on their soft hair as I read.

And I think God loves using these moments to tell them about His love too. Through our cuddles, through our laughter, through our chatters and prayers. When we tell our little ones stories of God’s love or beloved Bible stories, I know that we are planting and nurturing those little seeds of faith that will help them know the Writer of the Greatest Story ever told. So join me and read to your kids, I hope you will find books that you enjoy reading to them here!