The Character Builder’s Bible

Tyndale House Publishers

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The Bible is so much more than a collection of stories.
It is the overarching message of God’s love for us and a practical guide to daily living. So often our littlest children hear these stories but miss out on how to apply the principles to their lives. The Character Builder’s Bible highlights core character traits that the Bible teaches and suggests fun, practical ways to live out these truths so that little minds can understand. Each Bible narrative is told simply, is tied to a positive attribute like obedience or humility, and is followed with a real-life example of how kids can apply the lesson in their own lives.

Featuring 60 Bible stories with colorful illustrations, definitions, and memory verses, The Character Builder’s Bible will show your little ones that God’s Word is relevant to their lives and will help you instill biblical character in their hearts.

Created by iCharacter Limited, Agnes de Bezenac and Salem de Bezenac

Hardcover: 248 pages
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers (3 October 2017)
Weight: 930g
Dimensions: 183 x 257 x 23mm