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Stream of Praise (赞美之泉)

Stream of Praise Music Board Book 2 (Chinese) - 赞美之泉儿童有声书(二)

Stream of Praise Music Board Book 2 (Chinese) - 赞美之泉儿童有声书(二)

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Lift up praises with your little one wherever you go! This delightful music board book by Stream of Praise contains 6 of their well-loved songs that you can listen to and sing along with the push of a button. Each spread includes the lyrics of the songs in both English and traditional Chinese, as well as a key Bible verse. 

Songs included: 

  • Don’t Worry
  • Jesus, You Are My Best Friend  耶稣是我的好朋友
  • Rainbow 彩虹
  • I Have a Father  爱我的天父
  • A Brand New Day  新的一天
  • God Is My Victory  靠主得胜 

Created by: Stream of Praise

Product details

Note: Music board book requires 2 AAA batteries. Batteries are not included. When comparing both Stream of Praise Books 2 and 3, the volume for Book 3 is louder than Book 2. 

Other features: on/off switch, volume adjustment, dry-erase coloring pages and prayer suggestions at the end of the book

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