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Stream of Praise (赞美之泉)

Stream of Praise Music Board Book 2 (Chinese) - 赞美之泉儿童有声书(二)

Stream of Praise Music Board Book 2 (Chinese) - 赞美之泉儿童有声书(二)

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Lift up praises with your little one wherever you go! This delightful music board book by Stream of Praise contains 6 of their well-loved songs that you can listen to and sing along with the push of a button. Each spread includes the lyrics of the songs in both English and traditional Chinese, as well as a key Bible verse. 

Songs included: 

    • Don’t Worry
    • Jesus, You Are My Best Friend - 耶稣是我的好朋友
    • Rainbow - 彩虹
    • I Have a Father - 爱我的天父
    • A Brand New Day - 新的一天
    • God Is My Victory - 靠主得胜 

Please note that the lyrics to the songs presented on each page reflect the true lyrics of the songs, they may not necessarily be the exact portion that the audio plays.

Created by: Stream of Praise


Product details

Note: Music board book requires 2 AAA batteries. Batteries are not included. When comparing both Stream of Praise Books 2 and 3, the volume for Book 3 is louder than Book 2. 

Other features: on/off switch, volume adjustment, dry-erase coloring pages and prayer suggestions at the end of the book

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