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Mike Nawroki

Dead Sea Squirrels: Squirreled Away / Boy Meets Squirrels (Books 1 / 2)

Dead Sea Squirrels: Squirreled Away / Boy Meets Squirrels (Books 1 / 2)

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The Dead Sea Squirrels features the adventures of two squirrels that originated from a Dead Sea cave in 70 AD, who have found their way to modern-day life and meets 10 year old Michael and his friends. Along the way, they encounter various exciting and hilarious situations and at the same time weaves in a biblical context and character-building lessons. Young readers will find this series fun and engaging, always looking forward to what happens next! 


Books 1 and 2 are sold together. 

Squirreled Away (Book 1)

In this first book, ten-year-old Michael and his friend Justin sneak into the Dead Sea caves near the archaeological dig where Michael's dad is working. Michael finds two 2,000-year-old squirrels petrified in sea salt. Hijinks ensue as Michael tries to bring them back to the US, hidden in his backpack. What Michael thinks are just cool souvenirs may turn out to be something much more!

This book ends with the squirrels still in their preserved state and seems like a cliffhanger. So we recommend getting both Books 1 and 2 together to fully enjoy how their very first adventure unfolds! You can get them at a bundle price of $19.90 (UP $21.80). 

Boy Meets Squirrels (Book 2)

The Dead Sea Squirrels come alive! In Book 2 of Mike Nawrocki’s hilarious new series, the two petrified squirrels Michael brought home from Israel are awake and ready to dive into the 21st century. Turns out, the squirrels lived during the time of Jesus and love sharing the lessons they learned from his teaching in their own quirky way. Missteps and misadventures abound as Merle and Pearl help Michael and his friends confront a bully, using lessons from the Sermon on the Mount.


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Written by Mike Nawroki
Illustrated by Luke Seguin-Magee
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers (7 May 2019)

Paperback: 128 pages each
Weight: 280g each
Dimensions: 138 x 188 x 10.2mm

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