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Chris Tomlin, Pat Barrett

Good Good Father

Good Good Father

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Tucker was a little bear who loved to help others. He saw that the bears around him needed lots of help, but he did not know how to help his friends.

“‘I could ask the King for help!’ Tucker cried. ‘Maybe, just maybe, if I give him the perfect gift, he will help us.’”

Thus began his journey to see the good King at the castle where the door was always open. 

He wanted to bring the King the perfect gift in hopes that he would then help his friends. Along the way, Tucker met different animals who gave him various ideas about what the King would like as a gift - a shield, bandages, violin, even seeds. He arrived at the foot of the castle pretty confused. He went toward the castle door that was always open, and found the King, who ran to him with open arms.

Inspired by the song of the same name, you will enjoy reading Good Good Father to your children and connecting them to the Father heart of God.

Written by Grammy Award-winning music artist Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett

Illustrated by Lorna Hussey

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