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Tim Thornborough

Noah and the Very Big Boat

Noah and the Very Big Boat

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Discover what happened when God told Noah to build a very big boat. In this faithful and fun retelling of a classic Bible story, we learn about a God who kept Noah and his family safe, safe, safe through the splish, splash, splosh

With vivid colours and endearing illustrations, children will learn that God saves his people and always keeps his promises.

From the author:
Have you noticed that we say things over and over again? Sometimes it's because we don't get an answer the first time - "Are we nearly there yet?" Sometimes it's just because it's fun - "The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round..." And sometimes it's to let someone know that we really, really mean it. 
This book repeats lots of things - sometimes so that we know that it's important, and sometimes, just for fun. I hope you really really really enjoy reading it!"

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Written by Tim Thornborough
Illustrated by Jennifer Davison
Publisher: The Good Book Company (1 November 2019)

Hardback: 24 pages
Weight: 256g
Dimensions: 210 x 210 x 8mm 

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