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Ames Chen

The Invisible People Series 2

The Invisible People Series 2

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The Invisible People will expand your little one's heart for the unseen but important people amongst us. This second series gives us a snippet of the life of security guards, cleaners and postmen in Singapore.

Written by local author, Ames Chen, these beautifully illustrated books offer heartfelt stories that help children appreciate these unsung heroes in our society:

1. Ah Gong's Uniform | A little girl witnesses the pride her ah gong has in his work and learns to stand up for him when an incident happens at the food court where he works. 

2. The Night Shift | Uncle Lin is a neighbour who works as a security guard. One day, Mrs Lin comes over to ask mum for help when he did not come home at his usual time, and the family helps her to locate him. 

3. Aunty Postman | Our postman is Aunty who delivers letters and parcels on her bicycle. But Aunty Postman does a lot more than that for us - she is our family friend. 

Each book ends with an activity section for young readers to reflect on the topic and relate to the workers around them. 

The Invisible People series is a tribute to the people who hold very special jobs. Their work makes our world a better place. Yet, we may not treat them like they are a part of our lives. Let us get to know these Invisible People and make them visible by waving hello or saying "thank you" to them today. 

Note: Sold as a set of 3 books, not available individually.

See the first series of The Invisible People featuring stories of domestic workers, construction workers, and bus drivers here


Written by Ames Chen
Illustrated by Jayl Chen

Publisher: Graceworks (2019)
Weight: 400g each
Dimensions: 21 x 21cm

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