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Bob Hartman, Catalina Echeverri

The Prisoners, the Earthquake, and the Midnight Song

The Prisoners, the Earthquake, and the Midnight Song

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Paul and Silas were wrongly arrested and thrown into prison in the city of Philippi. And even though they were in a terrible situation, they were singing hymns and praising God from the prison! This beautifully illustrated book is based on the story of how a Philippian jailor and his family learned the wonderful truth about Jesus Christ in Acts 16, when Paul and Silas preached to them.

This fun and compelling retelling of the remarkable story will help your kids understand Jesus' ongoing power to save through Jesus' power to save through the spreading of the gospel and through the presence of the Holy Spirit.


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Written by Bob Hartman
Illustrated by Catalina Echeverri
Publisher: The Good Book Company (1 June 2020)

Hardback: 32 pages
Weight: 415g
Dimensions: 220 x 260 x 10mm

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