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Tracey Madder

The Story Travelers’ Bible

The Story Travelers’ Bible

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The Story Travelers Bible takes kids on a ride through 85 beloved Bible stories. Each story is told through the co text of 3 friends from current day who have traveled to the Bible stories and learn about the cultures, people and places of the Bible. Your kids will also be engaged by the vivid and beautiful illustrations depicting the stories. Each story will also be supplemented by discussion questions and key Bible Verses to help your little ones connect to God’s truth.  

Finalist for the 2018 Christian Book Award for Children's Bible of the Year


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Written by Tracey Madder
Illustrated by Tim Crecelius
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers (7 March 2017)

Hardback: 368 pages
Weight: 1kg
Dimensions: 17.2 x 21.9 x 2.8cm


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